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1970 Datsun 1600 Roadster
Engineering Consultants
Start of Restoration
I owned a 1967 Datsun 1600 roadster for ten years and regretfully sold it in 1988 to purchase the family mini van. (In hind sight, I should have drove it up to my parents barn in Idaho and left it there in storage). Earlier this year, 23 years after the sale of my '67 roadster, a friend mentioned that he had a 1970 roadster sitting in his shop (for years) and asked if I was interested in purchasing it. I was, and went to his shop to inspect the car. It looked great for the $1000 asking price. The car had not been operated for a long time and we did not even attempt to start it. I liked what I saw and felt the car was a good project car, so I bought it. I figured it was destiny for me to have this roadster as the license plate registration tag had the 1988 sticker on it. Coincidentally, the same year I sold my '67 roadster.

The body is in good condition with a few small rust spots. The motor looks very original with all the old smog stuff still attached. The undercarriage looks very good, however the interior is a disaster. I will definitely need a kit for that. I have a good friend that runs an upholstery shop, so no worries there.

17 JAN 2011:
My plan with the roadster is to do a complete, full off restoration. The car is simple enough (given some great on-line resources) and I am in no rush to finish the car, so I don't mind doing the work. My goal is to have a car that looks pretty close to show room new by the time it is finished. The only difficulty that I am having at this time is deciding on the body color. So far I have changed my mind about four times on what the final color will be. I will not worry too much about this now as the body work is at least 3 or 4 month off.

I spent the first couple of months completely disassembling the car. I was very happy with the cars condition as I only broke off three bolt heads during the entire disassembly process. And those bolts were on the muffler system which is pretty typical, so no complaints there. I bagged all of the bolts in clear zip log bags and labeled them by area. That makes it a bit easier to get the right bolts back in the right place. I will also re-zinc all the bolts as it helps prevent rust and corrosion. I do all my own zinc plating so I can do it at my convenience and get the appearance that I am looking for from the parts. Plus, the parts look 'way cool' when they are zinced.
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